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Residential High-Speed Internet

Do more in less time with a fast Internet connection from ComWavz. Speed-surf, search, upload and download files in seconds, rather than minutes or hours. Do your research on the Web, review finances and stocks, and transfer data blazingly fast. Make your on-line time productive, rather than frustrating!

ComWavz is a locally owned and operated Internet company with friendly service and fast, affordable connections. When you call us you get a human voice, not an automated attendant in another state or country.

You’ll deal with real people, all the way from our Customer Care center, to our network engineers, to our installation and service technicians if there is ever a problem. Call us toll free at 1-866-4-COMWAVZ or 1-866-426-6928.

Click here and download our "Refer A Friend" card. Give it to a friend who wants our service! They can mail it back to us with their name when they sign up for ComWavz service. When they are installed you will receive $25 off your next ComWavz bill.

Call us to arrange your installation today!

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